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  • Reyn Kinzey


I think I commented earlier that sometimes with wind and rain even the main channel of Wilson Creek becomes too choppy to enjoy, so we turn into the lesser channel of Wilson Farms, which somehow manages to stay out of the wind, if not the rain.

But the other attraction of Wilson Farms are the egrets. We sometimes have egrets fishing off our floating dock, but they seem to prefer Wilson Farms, and we almost always find them there.

Usually, we see the first one in the dead branches beyond the boat house with the rowing shells. She waits until we are almost full on her, and then she tucks into her impossible flight and glides onto a low, over-hanging branch farther on.

We follow. She’s just following her instincts – fly or fight, and egrets are non-violent – getting away from us.

We follow out of curiosity and awe at her beautiful shape.

So, we’re all just following out natural instincts.

But from the outside, it does seem that she is deliberately leading us into the marsh.

So much so that I can imagine returning to tell the tribal elders that she led us into the marsh and there we found magic.

Except that we no longer have tribal elders and magic is becoming harder to discern.

Even so, we still have, what we share with the egrets, the full simplicity of life.

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