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In all my poems, I try to tell stories, and as Joan Didion famously said, "We tell ourselves stories in order to live. At least for awhile."

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Reyn's latest book is now available on Amazon
Choosing Ireland

I’m a typical American-British mutt.

With my DNA, I could easily choose any home country to call my motherland: England, Wales, Ireland. I could probably scare up a Scottish ancestor if I needed to. My name is Welsh; my mother’s family, English. So, I felt free to choose.

But it was always Ireland for me. I hope, as you read these poems and enjoy the photographs by Rebecca Day that accompany them, you'll share my love of my spiritual second home.

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Sleeping Dragons

But the dragons merely sleep.

Dragons live forever.

One day, they'll awake

and there'll be a reckoning.

A collection of thought-provoking poems and autobiographical tales that remind the reader of the transitory nature of life. Beautiful works complemented by beautiful photography. A calming read for a quiet Sunday morning.

Amazon Review

Chasing the Dragon

5.0 out of 5 stars A Rugby Playing Irish Poet

Review on Amazon


I learned a lot about Reyn during a poetry reading at a medium size venue. His reading shined amid the dozen or so very accomplished poets there. I have read his collection of poetry in Chasing the Dragon, that is an accumulation of over a quarter century. He writes truth and in some cases that requires explicit language, but that makes it powerful and most of all honest. His subjects are true-to-life and include: Civil war, river tides, a bird named Maddie, a mother dying, Ireland, Rugby, death, active love-making, an Irish pub, "Have a pint". One stanza that struck me is: "Worlds die when memories die". Profound! I am not the World's best poetry critic, but his work is amazing. The words jumped off the page as if they were spoken instead of just read!



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