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Reyn Kinzey

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In all my poems, I try to tell stories, and as Joan Didion famously said, "We tell ourselves stories in order to live. At least for awhile."

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Chasing the Dragon, by Reyn Kinzey is an exciting book -- filled with a twenty-five-year span of captivating voices and images. His poems range from travel stories about his ancestral Ireland to personal searches for self in his journey from restless young man to contented retiree. My personal favorites are his kayaking tales about adventures with osprey, eagles and dolphin. Kinzey is an amazing poet with a unique style and talent for story-telling. I promise, you won’t be able to put Chasing the Dragon down. His truth-telling combined with wry humor makes it a compelling read.

Sharon June Canfield

-Award Winning Author of Tapestry; Walk With Me and Other Works

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